How Long LASIK Eye Surgery Lasts
Aug 26, 2021 • All articles

How Long LASIK Eye Surgery Lasts

LASIK eye surgery is a solution to most common vision problems, such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism (blurry vision at near and far distances). At LASIK Experts, we’re committed to helping people in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Lawrenceville, New Jersey areas find freedom from glasses and contact lenses by providing a convenient solution to their vision issues.

The majority of vision problems are caused by an issue with the way the eye refracts light, which is often the result of a misshapen cornea. For example, while a normal cornea is spherical like a ball, people with astigmatism have corneas shaped like a football or egg. This prevents light from focusing on a single point, resulting in blurred vision at near and far distances.

LASIK offers a long-term solution to many vision problems by re-shaping the cornea itself. During the procedure, a corneal flap is created. Then, a laser is applied for several seconds to re-shape the cornea. Most people experience improved vision immediately after the surgery. However, people interested in undergoing this vision correction procedure may wonder how long the results will last for. We address that query below.

How Long Do the Results of LASIK Last?

LASIK eye surgery offers long-term visual results that glasses and contact lenses cannot. The corneal tissue never grows back, so the effects of LASIK can last an entire lifetime.

Only a small percentage of people who’ve had LASIK experience changes in their vision as they age. In general, it’s normal for vision to deteriorate as we get older. It can occur if the original refractive error continues to progress or if the person develops an additional eye condition, like presbyopia (which decreases a person’s ability to focus on nearby objects). This largely depends on your health history, including genetics, which increases the risk of certain age-related eye conditions.

However, this occurrence is rare in people who’ve had a laser vision correction procedure. Most people who undergo LASIK don’t experience any visual changes later in life.

What Happens if Your Vision Changes After LASIK?

If you experience visual changes after undergoing LASIK, you’ll likely be eligible for an enhancement. This ensures you’ll continue to have the best vision possible following your procedure.

However, the need for retreatment is rare. Only a very small percentage of former LASIK patients require retreatment, and it’s often decades afterwards. Previous research has found that the majority of people are satisfied with their post-operative results and never require a LASIK enhancement. For instance, a study completed in 2017 found that only 10 percent of patients required an enhancement for age-related vision changes.

The Benefits of LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK eye surgery can provide you with improved visual results that will change your life now and into the future. Its benefits include:

It’s a long-term solution to vision problems. The majority of LASIK patients are satisfied with the surgery’s results, and do not require an enhancement later in life. Even if they do, it’s often decades into the future. Neither glasses nor contacts can offer a long-term solution to common vision problems like LASIK eye surgery does.

Freedom from the hassle of glasses and contacts. LASIK has the power to simplify your daily routine, as you’re no longer inconvenienced by glasses and contacts. This means no more struggling to remember where you left your frames or finding a clean space to remove your contacts. There will be less on your mind after undergoing LASIK.

It will save you money in the future. While it may seem expensive at first, LASIK is a one-time investment. It can help you save money in the future by eliminating the costs of purchasing glasses, contacts, contact lens solutions, or prescription sunglasses. Try out our savings calculator to see exactly how much you can save after undergoing LASIK.

LASIK eye surgery is a long-term solution to common vision problems. If you’re in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Lawrenceville, New Jersey area, consider LASIK Experts for your laser vision correction procedure. To determine your candidacy and to review options available to you, please book a free, no-obligation consultation.