Does LASIK Eye Surgery Hurt?
Oct 27, 2022 • All articles

Does LASIK Eye Surgery Hurt?

Does LASIK eye surgery hurt? That’s one of the main questions people interested in laser vision correction have when they begin looking into it. The eye is a sensitive area, so the idea of having surgery on your eye can be intimidating.

At LASIK Experts, we make sure that all our patients in New Jersey and Philadelphia feel comfortable ahead of their procedure. We go over the main questions patients have about LASIK during their free, pre-operative consultation, including whether LASIK is painful, and will ensure you know what to expect.

Below, we explain what you can expect to feel during LASIK to help you decide if laser vision correction is right for you.

Is LASIK Painful? Here’s What to Expect

One of the benefits of LASIK is that it’s virtually painless. There’s minimal discomfort associated with LASIK. Prior to the procedure, our clinical staff will apply anesthetic drops to your eyes to numb them, which will help alleviate any discomfort.

During the surgery, it’s normal to feel a mild pressure around your eye when the laser is being used. But most of our patients are surprised by how quick and easy the overall procedure is. The surgery itself usually takes around 10 minutes, with the laser used for less than a minute per eye.

Will I Be In Pain After LASIK?

Another benefit of LASIK is that it offers a quick recovery. Immediately after the surgery, you’ll be able to see an improvement in your vision. Most of our patients are back to their normal routines within a day of their procedure.

After LASIK, you don’t need to expect to be in pain. It’s normal to experience some discomfort and side effects in the days after, but these will subside as your eyes heal. Immediately following the surgery, your eyes and head may feel slightly sore. It’s also normal to feel tired. You’ll be advised to rest for the remainder of the day to promote healing.

You may also feel an itchy sensation or feel like something is stuck inside of your eye. Avoid rubbing the eye. Rather, use a warm compress in a downward motion to alleviate the feeling.

In addition, it’s common to experience visual symptoms, such as haloes, glares, or sensitivity to light. These will reduce as your eyes recover and should not cause you any physical pain.

It's also normal to have dry eyes after LASIK. Some of the symptoms can include:

  • Dryness
  • Irritation
  • Red eyes
  • Pain, discomfort
  • Eye strain, fatigue

We’ll provide you with lubricating eye drops after your LASIK surgery, which can be used to combat the symptoms of dry eyes. Make sure to stay hydrated, wear proper eye protection, and follow your post-operative guidelines to prevent and mitigate the signs of dry eye.

With a virtually painless surgery and a speedy recovery, LASIK makes achieving clearer vision simple. It’s also the safest elective medical procedure available.

At LASIK Experts, we use the most advanced technology in laser vision correction to offer our patients in New Jersey and Pennsylvania the most superior visual results possible. When you come in for a free consultation, we’ll explain the answers to all your questions in detail, including whether LASIK eye surgery hurts. We’ll also perform a series of diagnostic tests to determine what treatment is right for you. Book your free consultation today.