Does Insurance Cover LASIK Surgery?
Jul 17, 2018 • All articles

Does Insurance Cover LASIK Surgery?

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but LASIK is considered an elective or cosmetic surgery, which means it’s not fully covered by most insurance plans.

But fear not! Many insurance agencies do offer a courtesy discount to their customers who want to get LASIK, so the overall cost may be lower than the sticker price. There are also a few special cases in which insurance will cover most, if not all, of the cost.

Military Men and Women

If you work in the military or special forces, you may qualify for LASIK coverage. If you can adequately prove that your job requires you to have near perfect eyesight without the help of glasses or contacts, you may qualify.


Actors, athletes, and other entertainers may also be able to file a claim that perfect eyesight is required for their job. But be warned — these are typically the toughest cases to win and require a lot of paperwork from both yourself and your employer.

Public Servants

Firemen, policemen, and other civil servants may also qualify for insurance-covered LASIK. Similar to those in the military, public servants can claim they need near perfect vision in order to do their job properly or that poor vision could put someone (including themselves) at risk for severe bodily harm or even death.

People with a Medical Condition

Those with severe dry eyes, contact lens intolerance, or crippling allergies may also qualify. It’s important to remember that this reasoning shouldn’t be abused. In order to qualify, you would also have to prove a lifetime of irritation and a true effort to use glasses or contact.

Financing Through Dr. Wasserman

Though insurance agencies have occasionally covered the cost of LASIK for the people mentioned above, it’s still pretty rare. Not to mention, it can take lots of paperwork and several years to be approved for full coverage.

That’s why we suggest inquiring about a payment plan through Dr. Wasserman’s office and Wells Fargo. In an effort to help everyone see clear, Dr. Wasserman partnered with Wells Fargo to offer his patients top-notch financing options.